2006-12-06 / Letters

Towns should protect historic drawbridge

I was astounded to read in your paper about the Coalition for Sandy Hook Ferry Service.

Before demolishing the Highlands-Sea Bright drawbridge and replacing it with a modern fixed bridge, isn't the state required to evaluate all the alternatives?

Clearly, Sandy Hook bay ferry service is a great alternative for improving Route 36 southbound traffic - getting cars off the roads on the weekends when people are most eager to get to Sandy Hook.

Why is this the first we're hearing about this alternative? Why has the state not even considered this alternative?

I'm sure establishing such summertime weekend ferry service would cost a lot less than the $137 million the state intends to spend on their bridge replacement project.

This new bridge project is a bad idea. Isn't it the responsibility of Sea Bright or the Highlands to file an injunction before a construction contract is awarded?

It is a town's responsibility to guard, cherish and maintain its historical structures.

Jean Kingman

Sea Bright

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